At Klystron, people are the biggest asset. We believe that recruiting and retaining the right talent with right attitude will enable us to surpass our business goals year after year.

At Klystron we place a premium not only on education and professional experience but also on attitude and values. Entrepreneurship, agility, rigor and the desire to be the best are some of the key traits we look at. We also have a principled emphasis on human values of compassion, cooperation, mutual respect, integrity and simplicity. We value being Indian and have a sense of a pride in our culture; we imbibe global best practices with an open mind and marry it to our Indian ethos, our learning and past experience.

As a part of our ongoing efforts in retaining and nurturing people, we continuously revisit and improve on our HR practices to comply with the best in the industry. These practices will recognize, reward and continuously challenge the will to succeed and the agility to compete with the best in the world. We have survived market changes, competition and remained a vibrant company for over two decades on the basis of our people and we believe the same will be true for the future.

At this moment we have no vacancies within Klystron. However, please feel free to send an open application
We will keep your information and contact you when a vacancy arises that matches your profile.