Vision & Mission


The vision of Klystron is to deliver best quality and extra value that meets and exceeds customer expectations and by leveraging knowledge, experience, agility, technology, refinement best practice-progress-people and ideas in Industry and proactive business culture- to occupy a pre-eminent position in the electrical construction business India wide and Worldwide. We are committed to bring continual improvement in areas identified from time to time through continuous up gradation of our resources and operational efficiency. We are also committed to maintain safety and security in all our installation.


Our corporate mission is to aspire to achieve excellence in each area of our business so we can provide enduring value to the customer. India is being considered as one of the most powerful emerging destinations in the world. The country is brimming with new energy growth prospects.

Klystron is ready to grow with the nation by choosing the right segment by reducing costs and increasing benefits to the customer by increasing customer efficiency by providing more efficient and delivering world-class services and continually improving all operations involving all employees and in so doing become a pre-eminent and preferred provider of quality services in the electrical construction business/Industry in the world largest democracy.